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Colligo Holdings, headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, stands as a dynamic force in the business landscape. With a commitment to partnership, innovation, and growth, Colligo Holdings has established itself as a leading player in a diverse range of industries. Our ventures are characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a dedication to making a positive impact. Welcome to the world of Colligo Holdings, where innovation knows no bounds.

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Our diversified network of companies includes everything from industry-leading technology integration to advanced, specialty fabrication, general construction, manufacturing, property development, business management, and top-shelf accounting services. Through a centralized approach to business services, all companies under the Colligo umbrella produce more, quicker with greater efficiency in an effective model. Partnering with us allows an abundant cross-pollination of sales opportunities, allowing our affiliates to leverage their relationships with a trusted group of companies.

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Paragon 360
Paragon Fabrication
Xperience Construction
Brawner Holdings
Opus V
Supper CO.
Verso Group

Decades of experience

With decades of invaluable experience in the realm of entrepreneurship, Todd Carroll and Donnie Brawner, founders of Colligo Holdings, have honed their skills in starting, building, acquiring, and successfully running a myriad of businesses. From the inception of their first business, they have been immersed in the intricate dance of market analysis, strategic planning, and relentless execution. Their experience has been a blend of lessons, successes, and innovations that continue to drive their passion for entrepreneurial endeavors. The team at Colligo Holdings offers its business leadership experience to its affiliate companies to help scale their organizations.

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